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Now that we’ve talked about the rules and box contents of Dark Imperium, let’s have a look at the minis. Starting with the Death Guard.

I’ll try to keep this as unreview-y as possible, because there rarely is a point to reviewing GW minis. We all know what they do, what their strengths are and what their weaknesses are.

Still, I took big pictures of each of the sprues from both sides so you can see what’s on there. For each side (Primaris Marines and Nurgle Chaos Space Marines) there are 4 sprues in the box, two of which are the same (pictured above).

It’s the usual GW stuff, so the sprues are packed with parts. On the sprue we get twice we find 10 Poxwalkers (cultist / plague zombie types who are very evocative of the Koopa Troopers from the Super Mario movie) along with one Death Guard Marine each.

The sprue you see in the two pictures above contains all Death Guard Marines; the more ‘special’ ones (Lord, Blightbringer, Plaguecaster) at that.

On the third (big) sprue we find the rest of the Death Guard Marines (for a total 7 Marines plus 3 Leaders, 7 of course being Nurgle’s sacred number) and the Foetid Bloat-Drone.

Assembly of the models is simple. There are no equipment options what so ever. These being digital sculpts the parts connect in very interesting places, so you’ll need the instructions manual (well, I did).

The Poxwalkers! They’re mounted on regular 25mm round bases. Lots and lots of horns and tentacles, some delicate parts.

With contrived models such as the DG Marines, you’ll want to check what you assemble prior to painting and what you leave off. I like to glue on as much as humanly possible before painting, so I even glued on guns held across the chest. With Death Guard painting it will work. However, I did leave the backpacks off bar for two which are rather narrow and don’t cover up much at all.

They’re standing on the new 32mm round bases, the Blightbringer stands on a 40mm round base and the lord is mounted on a 50mm round base. They all are freaking huge. 33mm from foot to eye, plus the tall GW-style bases. Monsters indeed, but wait until I get to the Primaris Marines.

The float-drone I just fully put together. It probably would be advisable not to glue on the guns and the engines, but oh well. Call me extreeeeeme. The model is mounted on a 60mm round base.

The parts all go together well, casting quality is perfectly fine, take care of mould lines etc., etc. We know what GW minis look like. Now let’s see that I get some paint on them!

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