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I’m on a quest at the moment to paint realistic gore. I’m trying to learn the best way so I can apply it to my Black Legion when I finally start them.  Read on to find out how I’m getting on.

Above are my Dark Eldar pain tokens. I use to paint these with a dark red, then dry brush with a light red, cover with black wash and then gloss varnish. Now you can see they look OK, but they’re not right. I think I can put my finger on it as well, it’s because they’re completely red where as blood is translucent, so you would see colours/shades underneath the blood. 

You might have seen this Big Boss on the blog recently. I gave the blood another try after I discovered Third Eye Nuke uses Tamiya Clear Red (see first pic) I just mixed some Badab Black into the clear red and then dabbed it on with a paint brush. I got great results that I’m pretty chuffed with. Solmar then gave me some of the best advice I’ve been given in a longtime…

… Blow it! Solmar actually suggested load up the brush, hold it between your mouth and model and blow. You get instant realistic spatter! Check out these trolls who volunteered to be splattered with clear red. I really like the rock from the guy in the middle. Imagine the poor dwarf on the other end of that!

It’s no doubt that Tamiya Clear Red is an awesome paint for realistic gore. So I thought I’d create a base of hacked up body parts (maybe for Khárn to stand on). To paint this base I started by base coating it with Ungor Flesh. Then I covered it thickly with a mix of Clear Red and Badab Black. Once that was dry I just gave it a thick coat of Clear Red on it’s own. 

I now feel confident to splatter my Black Legion with gore. Watch this space!

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