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Greetings bloggers. Once again I find myself offering an apology for the huge gap inbetween posts. Its an interesting trend I’ve noticed over 15 years of this hobby. Some years I see huge churn of minis, others years are quiet. The good thing however, is that it never ever really stops. I present you with evidence of this in the form of a 10 strong Night Lords kill team. Pics and chuff after the jump…

Thanks for clicking.

First up is the Aspiring champ. He has a magnetic right arm with three weapon options, to allow a little Kill Team variety. I did a power axe, lightning claw and chainsword at the clients request. His other arm is a bolt pistol, tarted up a little bit with an old Dark Elves Cold One sheild which I bought years ago when you could buy metal bits from GW…



Above: Lightning Claw

Above: Chainsword

 Above: Power Weapon

I used the Airbrush for the jump packs, some base details and the power axe. I simply applied a dark shade of red, follwed by a lighter shade and then white (Fire red, ferarri red, white – all VMC).

The blue armour was over a VMC black undercoat. I applied VMC blue and the VMC french blue, followed by a few brush highlights. There are two special weapons operators, one with a melta gun and the other a flamer. I played about and took some artistic license with the exact look – the days of wysiwyg are long gone after all. The flamer I really like:

The next two are what I would fondly call ‘normals’ (i.e. ccw/bp) though they might not quite look it…

The gore on the swords is my standard recipe, Tamiya clear red mixed with a few drops from my final pot of GW black ink. It drys out really quickly which is, rarely for us, an advantage as it goes on first as paint and then in clumps, giving a very natural look.Blood dries much darker than most people paint it on, which I always thinks looks rubbish. I love these next guys with dual weapon loads – particularly the chainsword guys:

Hope you enjoy, kill teams are a great excuse to try out projects you’ve never quite gotten round to but accumulated bits for!

With the greatest respect for you all.