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Some of you will be aware that I try to share the pictures you guys and girls send to our Facebook page. I was contacted by Szen (a.k.a. Wookiepelt) who wanted to share his 10 year old daughter’s impressive models. I was so impressed I offered to share the pictures on Tale of Painters blog. Hear what his talented daughter has to say in her own words after the jump…

Hi, I’m Annamaria (a.k.a. BlindRedFury) and I’m 10 years old.

My first model

I started Warhammer in January 2013 when I was 9 so that I could join the Junior School’s Warhammer Club at St Dunstan’s College. When I first started painting, I found that it was not as hard as I had expected it to be. This was mostly due to the great tips given by the managers at GW Bromley: James and James!


Working at home

I started learning to paint using a Skaven Clanrat from the Island of Blood set with the two James and when I finished it I entered my school Warhammer Club’s painting competition with the finished model. To my surprise I won my age group with this model in the competition!


As I was the only person that played with a Fantasy army at the club, I needed a 40k army to join in in the battles at school so I started a Space Wolves army with my dad. However I still carried on painting the Skavens and an occasional High Elf after that.


Skaven Champ, Musician and Clanrat

Skaven Colour Scheme


Skaven Clanrats Pack

Rat Ogre

High Elves WIP

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I stopped working on my models for the whole term before Christmas in 2013 because I needed to prepare for my 11+ entrance exams which took place in January 2014. However during the Christmas holidays I started thinking about starting my own Blood Angels army. Once I finished my entrance exams, I started my BA army with a jump pack Captain which I made in a Kit-Bash Challenge at GW Croydon with James! I then went on to build and paint my 5-man Sternguard Veteran squad which I am very close to finishing now.

Blood Angel Jump Pack Captain

Blood Angel Sternguard Veterans WIP

I hope to improve on my modelling and painting skills as I progress with this challenging hobby. I’ll pass back to Garfy now.

Garfy:  I just want to sign off by saying, I’m really impressed with BlindRedFury’s work. I think she’ll be one to watch for the future. I hope her father continues to send us her work via the Facebook page. If you haven’t already, why not join our Facebook page where you can see more models from the community who follow tale of Painters. Tale of Painters on Facebook.