This week in White Dwarf sees the return of my friend Cat and I to the pages of White Dwarf as we complete the rest of the scenarios from the Hobbit rulebook against Dan Harden. In this exclusive post I share pictures I took of the actual games we played back on the 4th of March. You can see these after the jump.

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Mine and Dan’s model collections ready for battle. 

The Dwarves, Gandalf and Bilbo start heroic marching across the board.

Reinforcements start to pile in from all directions. 

Gandalf uses sorcerous blasts to devastating effect.

The Dwarves continue to fight their way through the Orcs. 

The Orcs and Wargs pounce on Noro who fails his climb test. 

Goblins lurking in the depths of Goblin Town.

The Goblin Kings uses brutal power attacks to hurl Dwarves from the rickety gangways.

This amazing table is available to anyone who wishes to play on it at Warhammer World. Book in advance. 

The Dwarves run straight past the Goblins and escape. 

The Goblin King is left stranded. 

The Eagles arrive and rip Fimbul to pieces.

Azog and Thorin clash but it’s too late, the Eagles have rescued the Dwarves. 

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