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Hey guys, this is a special post for me. Usually, I don’t sell models, because each of them is one of my little darlings into whom I’ve put endless hours of work. But with my Iybraesil army growing, and the new Eldar Craftworld codex out now, I thought it might be the right time to make some space for new models to come. So check out this Saim-Hann collection, it could be yours! Find out more after the jump.

The collection consists of the following models:

– 1 Farseer with singing spear (metal, slightly converted)

– 1 Farseer with witchblade and shuriken pistol (metal, slightly converted)

– 5 Dire Avengers, including 1 Exarch with power weapon and shimmer shield (modified pose)

– 10 Guardians (some with head swaps), plus 1 Warlock (metal) and heavy weapons platform with scatter laser (weapon can be removed)

– 10 Guardians (some with head swaps), plus 1 Warlock (metal) and heavy weapons platform with shuriken cannon (weapon can be removed)

– 1 Wave Serpent with twin-linked bright lances and twin-linked shuriken catapult (turret can be removed/rotated, weapons are fixed)

– 1 Falcon with missile launcher, twin-linked shuriken catapult, and (converted) holo-field (turret and weapons are rotatable, weapons are fixed)

– 1 Fire Prism with (converted) prism cannon, shuriken cannon and (converted) holo-field (turret rotatable, weapons fixed)

– 1 Wraithlord with flamers, bright lance, and missile launcher (bright lance and missile launcher can be removed)

    A great core that can be expanded with Aspect Warriors, the new Jetbikes, and/or Wraith units.

    All models are painted to the same high standard, over months and months of work, have a matching paint scheme and matching bases, and are matte varnished. Of course they’ll be packed up with the greatest care.

    I also created a painting tutorial for this army a while ago, and I’m also more than willing to help you (or a commission painter of your choice) out with my advise, if you would like to expand the army. If you like, I’ll also add a small bag of the yellow static grass I used, and add a couple of heavy weapons of your choice in case you want to change some of the armaments.

    Garfy's Get a Grip banner 760x100 px

    The asking price is 395 Euro including shipping to Germany (+15 Euro for other European countries), or 295 pounds including shipping to the UK. The models themselves are worth over 270 Euro/210 pounds alone, not counting the paint and all the labour. I’m open to negotiations, but I’ll put up this army in a couple of forums and accept the highest tender.

    This is a once in a lifetime chance, so don’t miss out 😉 Write to richard.van.skinny (at) gmail (dot) com or leave a comment (make sure people can send you messages via your Blogger profile) when you’re interested.