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As you might remember from my post last week, I had this spare easy-to-build Primaris Intercessor (from the Getting Started with Warhammer 40.000 magazine) and decided to paint him for a fun little painting project. I always liked the Imperial Fist paint scheme and this model was the perfect excuse to try it out. Find out how I approached painting the yellow armour, after the jump.

My recipe for the yellow armour is:

1. A basecoat of Army Painter’s Matt White spray primer (several thin coats because the primer is thick and tends to clog the details easily), followed by Ceramite White painted over any areas the primer didn’t reach.

2. Two coats of Cassandora Yellow all over the armour, which creates a nice yellow basecoat and takes care of almost all the shading.

3. A mix of Fire Dragon Bright with a little bit of Skrag Brown, painted into any recesses that weren’t dark enough after washing.

4. A couple of thin coats of Yriel Yellow were layered on the armour for an even yellow finish.

5. A first edge highlight of Flash Gitz Yellow.

6. Finally, a very thin highlight of Dorn Yellow.

Recipes for all the other parts like metal, purity seals, and the bolt rifle casing can be found in my Ultramarines and Blood Angels tutorial. The chest eagle was basecoated with Khorne Red, washed with Army Painter Dark Tone Ink [Nuln Oil], layered with old Mechrite Red and highlighted with Pink Horror.

Here is a moody shot on a Sector Munitorum board and some terrain I’m currently painting for Kill Team. As I really enjoyed painting the Imperial Fists paint scheme, this Intercessor might even be the start of a Primaris Kill Team.

How do you like my Imperial Fists paint scheme? Leave a comment or reaction below.


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