Today I wanted to show off the newest edition to my collection of elves from Hysh; the Scinari Calligrave.

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Lumineth Realm-Lords Scinari Calligrave

The Lumineth are exploding with wizards but the cheapest and strangest might just be the Scinari Calligrave. He clocks in at 115 points, and is a single cast wizard. He doesn’t offer much functionality on the field but by getting his Realmscape ability off he can then help out with casting and battleshock. I think his real purpose is just being a cheap spell caster. You can place him in the terrain piece to cast spells, or to contemplate. That way the rest of your wizards can go off and do their thing.

Painting him is actually alot of fun. I always enjoy painting small hero like this. You can focus on their details and have a bit of a relaxing time with them. I painted him in three sub assemblies. One of the subassemblies was the body and the staff. The second was the head and the third, was the sword piece that fits in his back. Leaving this last piece unglued makes it much easier to get to his cloak as well as all the detail on his back.

He is a great additional to the collection even he doesn’t find himself constantly hitting the battlefield. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or reaction below.