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Today I can present you my recently reworked Command Squad. Every now and then, I take one of my really old paint jobs from my Ultramarines collection and bring them up to scratch. Find more pictures and a comparison of how the squad looked like before after the jump.

I actually painted six models for this squad for more flexibility. The common theme of this squad is helmetless. I wanted something to differentiate them from regular Marines without blinging them up as much as Sternguard Veterans.

In general, I almost completely removed the final stage of highlights from the models and did them anew, this time thinner and more evenly. I also added static grass and correct squad markings. Also notice the banner design, which is a transfer from the recently released Ultramarines transfer sheet.

Apart from the general improvements, the Company Champion got a new axe from the new Devastator Squad kit, as I managed to snap off the old one. I also added freehanded chapter and squad markings to his golden shoulder guards and changed the writing on his combat shield to “Macragge”.

I removed the freehand from the standard bearer’s banner and replaced it with a transfer as mentioned. It’s sad to see the freehand go, but it always bugged me that it wasn’t the official 2nd company banner design. I also changed the banner’s trim from ochre to yellow, to compliment the new design.

The Veteran Sergeant is on old Games Day exclusive model by the way.

The Apothacary was the most time consuming. I repainted the white armour almost completely, as before the light grey basecoat was patchy and the highlights were quite thick. I also repainted all the phiols with a more convincing liquid and glass effect.

The model on the right, originally the Sergeant model from the 4th edition Battle for Macragge starter, got a new power sword, also from the new Devastator Squad kit.

This is the squad before the reworking (the colours appear different because back then I had a different lighting setup and camera). As the picture is so small, it’s so hard to realise how much the highlighting has improved, but you can recognise the original banner design for example.

Also notice the Captain, which will be the next model I’m gonna rework, so stay tuned.

How do you like my Command Squad?