Hi all, Banzai1000 back with a second post, presenting some of the models for my actual ongoing „Armies on Parade“ project. It’s the Mechanicum forming for battle. Take a look and enjoy…

I am working on an Adeptus Mechanicus army because I really like these models and the background of their history.

Above is my Ironstrider for which I repositioned the legs and the upper body and put him on a bigger base to create that little scene.

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The Onager Dunecrawler is of course a must have in my army.

Concerning painting I try to follow the three color rule using one colour for each: base, shade, and highlighting to meet the deadline. Applies not for character models though.

First five Ruststalkers of a squad of ten. I gave them both weapon options, i.e. transonic weapon and flechette blaster.

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Imperial Knight Acheron. He ist he second of three brothers from a house called „Arka“. I named him „Odo von Arka“. The personel markings on these brother knights will be different but always in yellow and purple.

Ordinary servitors which I think fit perfectly into a Mechanicus army.

First model of my Kataphron battle servitor squad, still two more to finish…

This year, my board is built around an Aegis Line. It’s my third board, which may form a whole battlefield in the future. One of it will be the Ork board, with whom I won in last year’s Armies on Parade.

The Plasma Obliterator Gun is finished to do it’s lethal work…

I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment, give feedback and watch out for more…