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Hey guys, today I want to show you the three Manucfactorum structures I painted for my urban display board. Find out more after the jump.

This one is the largest structure. I imagine this is an Administratum building or the workspace of a Techpriest. Thus I chose the wall pieces with the large Cog Mechanicum icons and added some regal looking pieces like balustrades and struts from the Basilica Administratum.

If you wonder how I painted this piece, check out the tutorial I’ve written a while ago.

This is the second piece. It’s only one storey and more simple in it’s appearance, I imagine it is part of a large work hall. I inverted the paint scheme for more variety.

The bases were created from foamcore and textured plasticard. Find out more here.

This is the third piece. It could be combined with the second structure to form another part of the work hall.

All three terrain pieces have been created with just a single Manufactorum box. I only added two more broken wall pieces, one or two balustrades and the struts from the Basilica Administratum.

Together with the Promethium Pipelines and the Gothic Craters I bought from Gale Force 9 I now have quite a sizable terrain collection for my display board. I guess I could build some smaller rubble pieces with the leftover bitz I have, but at the moment I want to concentrate my attention on painting models once again.

How do you like my Manufactorum pieces and display board? Tell me in the comments 🙂


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