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The final part of the intro work to the Mech/Skit forces I am working on.

This will complete the 2000 points (and change) that I intend at this stage to stay at. Although knowing me that will change if I decide after some games that some units need more numbers, or dropping entirely. We shall see!

First up is a unit of 6 Breacher Kataphtact Servitors. Each sporting a Torsion Cannon.

The next unit of Destroyers with Heavy Gav cannons.

The Dominus is a real support unit. The plan is to have him linger with the Dune Crawlers to keep them fixed.

The Dragoons/Ballistarius are expensive for what you get, but should patrol my home zone and provide a little anti tank cover.

The First of 3 Dune Striders, one with a big gun!

The second Dune Striders, each with an Icarus Array for anti air cover.

Infiltrators for some combat punch.

My new fave unit are the Kastellan Robots. The Heavy Phosphor weapons are awesome! Having had a brief play test that used these, they are immense. Standing Still on the added shots fire protocol, they kick out 12 S6AP3 BS4 shots, and a further 6 twin linked ones. Paired with the formation of Destroyers with Heavy Grav, anything these guys wound, the Grav then gain +1 BS and ignore cover. Pretty evil for Grav weapons firing 6 shots a piece. I also added the Canticle of the Omnissiah rule of re-rolls of a 1/2 for a turn. That combination was pure pure evil. In effect twin linking the Heavy Grav for a unit you utterly must kill 🙂

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Still on my spray card, the troops of Vanguard and Rangers