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Hello everyone, I’m Amy and I am very excited to join the team as a permanent contributor here at Tale of Painters! After a couple of guest posts I was very happy to be asked to become a regular member of the team and I can’t wait to share my miniature painting with you all! The first of my showcase posts as a regular member is my Seraphon collection, which is featured in this week’s White Dwarf Issue 104! More after the jump!

I would firstly like to thank Stahly and Garfy for inviting me to become a regular member of the team, I’m very happy to share my work with you all and hope that you all enjoy seeing my miniature painting! As I mentioned my name is Amy Snuggs and I am a hobbyist from the UK. I have been painting since mid 2014, after using this very site to learn how to paint! The tutorials were very helpful and really helped me when I started out. Since then I have collected lots of different armies including; Seraphon, Ogors, Duardin, Blood Angels, Skitarii and many more! In 2015 I calculated that I painted over 260 models! I really love this hobby and my spare time is almost always hobby filled, you could call it my passion! I have painted models from all three of Games Workshop’s systems, but more recently I have been focussing on Age of Sigmar. This is mainly because the models are amazing but also because I find the game really fun, and not as complex to learn as a beginner. I haven’t been playing the game very long, and Age of Sigmar was a great system to get into wargaming!

After a series of guest posts featuring my Archaon Everchosen and Ogors, which you can see here, I’m very excited to showcase my massive Seraphon collection. This was a project completed over almost 4 months after Age of Sigmar was released between July and October 2015. Incidentally my collection is also featured in this week’s White Dwarf (Issue 104), there is an interview with me and 6 pages! The photos came out looking fantastic, I’m so happy and my collection will also be featured in an upcoming issue of Warhammer Visions, which I’m really over the moon about!

My Seraphon is the largest army I have painted to date, and it is my most favourite of all. I really fell in love with painting whilst doing this project, and loved painting every single miniature! I had never painted Fantasy before Age of Sigmar, but had always liked the Lizardmen models so they were my first AoS purchase! I have been incredibly lucky with this collection, I won Best Painted Army at the Realmgate Wars Campaign Weekend and also won 1st place at my first ever Armies on Parade. One of the reasons I love Age of Sigmar so much is the fact that you can buy whatever you like for your army without having to think about if you would ever be able to play with them. For me, painting is the most important part of the hobby and therefore I decided to buy pretty much one of everything of the Seraphon for my collection.

I wanted to go for a bright scheme that stood out but also kept a dark feel throughout the collection, that’s why I went for quite a dark skin with bright orange stripes. The skin was painted Stegadon Scale Green, washed Nuln Oil, and drybrushed Russ Grey and Fenrisian Grey. The entire collection uses a lot of drybrushing, this is because I wanted to make their skins look really rough and scaly, which I thought was perfect for lizards! The orange stripes were painted Jokaero Orange, Troll Slayer Orange and washed Fuegan Orange to add definition to the recesses and then Cassandora Yellow to make them brighter. I also decided I wanted to go for bright green eyes to give them a menacing feel, this was painted using Moot Green, thinned down with water and applied around the eye, then Flash Gitz Yellow on the eye itself, a dot of White Scar and then a few glazes of Waywatcher Green to make that green really strong. This effect is quite apparent in my Skinks and Chameleon Skinks.

I painted a grand total of 36 Skinks for my collection, which was quite a long, repetitive task! However, I really like the look of them all amongst the other big models in my collection, even if it takes a while moving each one individually in the game!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my first post as a regular contributor. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments below! As well as these Seraphon showcase posts, I have just started collecting a new army for Age of Sigmar, the Fyreslayers! Watch out for some WIP posts in the upcoming weeks, and in part 2 of my Seraphon showcase; my Saurus Warriors and Temple Guard!