On today’s post I share a Black Templars Gravis Captain/Marshall I painted week’s ago, why I’m only just sharing it now and why I’m no longer on Games Workshops’ influencer list.

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I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks, I decided to put my health first and prioritise some things in my life which mean’t blogging was put on hold. Over the past year or so, I’ve been physically ill for sporadic periods and I thought it was stress/anxiety induced.

I swapped out the head and used the Crusader helm that comes with the Black Templar Upgrade kit.

One of the things I did to combat this, was contact Games Workshop and Hatchette. I asked to be removed from their content creators programme. The amount of models being sent to me was ludicrous and it was stressing me out. You’re reading this, thinking I’m mad for turning away free models. Whilst their was no obligation to paint everything, there always felt like a moral obligation and if I didn’t paint something I’d feel terrible. Like, I had let Games Workshop down. It just wasn’t fun for me. Games Workshop were very cool about it and the “door is still open”.

Since all this has happened, I’ve actually discovered what was causing me to be ill. It turns out I have an intolerance to a certain food. This has been a huge weight off my mind and I’m now slowly returning to blogging. I’m actually painting what I choose to paint again and last week I enjoyed painting 4 random models. Something I couldn’t have done with the relentless stream of product GW would send me.

I’m still re-evaluating what I want from the hobby. How much “work”, if any, I want to do for Games Workshop and the Tale of Painters blog. But, at the moment I’m happy picking up the odd model of my choice and painting it. Getting back to the basics.

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