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This compact band of battle brothers are all the Space Wolves I’ve recently painted. I wanted to take a couple of new group shots and round off the project with a blog post. More after the jump. 

It’s been great revisiting an old hobby love of mine. I really like the Space Wolf models. I had an army of them back in 2006 (I won best painted army at a Warhammer World Campaign Weekend). Back then the Space Wolves only had a single upgrade sprue and it wasn’t uncommon to sculpt fur pelts and other details on. With the modern plastics we’re absolutely spoilt for kit bashing. I was able to eek out all the bits from a couple of the modern sprue by mixing in standard marines I had spare. It worked out really well because the new blood claw recruits hardly have any armour decorations or ornaments, making the grey hunters and wolf guard stand out as more seasoned veterans.

Wolf Guard Battle Leader

Blood Claw Pack

Grey Hunter Pack

Wolf Guard Pack in Power Armour

Wolf Guard Pack in Terminator Armour

Ragnar’s Space Wolf Company… So far

This has been an awesome little mini project. It started with the purchase of the Storm Claw boxset and saw me spreading out those Space Wolf components with the last few space marine sprues from my 2011 Space Marine Mega Force. There is one more model to paint and that’s my Ragnar Blackmane conversion but I think I’ll leave that until the phase 2 expansion where I will add some heavy support, some transports and maybe a Dreadnought. That will do for now. Onwards to my Primaris Ultramarine project! The Army of the Imperium continues to grow nicely. 

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