It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Duncan Rhodes’ Two Thin Coats colour range. So I’m delighted to announce that wave 3 is about to launch on Kickstarter. Here at Tale of Painters, we have the exclusive privilege of revealing the 60 new colours.

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Two Thin Coats wave 3 on Kickstarter

Duncan and Trans-atlantis Games have just announced the launch of wave 3 at the Las Vegas Open. The Kickstarter will start February 20th, you can sign up here.

Two Thin Coats have become a permanent part of my paint collection. I explain why in my detailed review here on the blog. Not only are the opacity and flow properties excellent, but many colours are (almost) identical to their counterparts from the Citadel Colour range, which makes the changeover easier.

The 60 new colours

The existing 120 colours are now extended by 60 new colours, making the Two Thin Coats range even more complete. Here at Tale of Painters, we are the first to share all 60 colours of the new expansion.

Two Thin Coats wave 3 colour swatch

After waves 1 and 2 mainly covered the basic colours, I am pleased that wave 3 offers slightly more unique shades. There are 12 new triads in total, including more reds, faded yellows, a Sons of Horus green, more teal and turquoise, petrol, new purples, including a greyish purple perfect for Daemonettes, and much more.

The six new Bright paints extend the existing triads with extra bright colours, and I’m looking forward to coloured metallics like Omega Blue and Emperor’s Purple alongside new coppers and golds. The four new washes also look interesting, especially the Smoke Grey Wash and the Aztec Turquoise Wash. There are also two brush-on varnishes.

Coming soon

I’m sure Duncan & Co will soon tell us more about the Kickstarter on their social media channels. I promise to review wave 3 on Tale of Painters and my YouTube channel as soon as possible.

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