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I’m painting the Primaris Captain in Gravis armour. This is my latest project, After the jump I have some progress shots with some thoughts on neatly painting bright yellow on blue.

By the Power of Guilliman, I HAVE THE POWER. 

So the key to neatness is don’t be neat. Well to be more precise, be as neat as you can but don’t worry about it if you go over. To paint bright yellow on blue it’s going to take several coats of white. If you take your time and try to be neat it’ll take forever. So paint fast!

Pass my sunglasses

It’s better to concentrate on getting flat smooth coats of white and yellow down really quickly then it is keeping within the lines. 

Adding depth, wow, that’s deep. 

Continue painting the yellow by shading it with a Skrag Brown and Lahmian Medium. The wash mix can be messy around the edges and will probably go on the blue areas. 

Steady does it, steady…

Now is the time to take your time and pick out the detail with Yriel Yellow and then Flash Gitz Yellow

Clean up in aisle three

Finally grab your base colour, in this case Caledor Sky and tidy up around all the yellow areas. The blue goes on easily and covers up the sloppy edges really quickly. Then you can shade and highlight the armour normally.

So that’s my tip, paint messy and clean it up later. Much quicker than trying to be neat all the way through. 

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