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Welcome back for my final Orruk blog post! This time I want to focus on the heroes of my green tide.

The first Orruk I painted for Age of Sigmar was the Ironjawz Megaboss. When it was released, Games Workshop started their series of monthly painting competitions on Facebook, so I bought this model to submit.

Painting-wise, I stuck to the tutorial Emma showed on Warhammer TV. I put more effort into the extra trophies and pieces the Megaboss has added to his armour thanks to countless battles. In the end, he is just like me – we both can’t stop collecting AoS stuff ^^

The other Ironjawz heroes were painted at a later time alongside the infantry, so they got the same black and red colour scheme. The light effects on the Waaagh sticks and the magic smoke were done with glazes and washes over a white basecoat. Also, I was able to spend some more time on the skin, adding some extra layers with slowly increasing brightness.

When the Bonesplitterz Battletome was released, I was able to easily re-base older Fantasy Savage Orcs of mine to bulk out my force with heroes. They do not match the quality and style of the units I painted later, but I’m fine with a difference between characters and the regular units. So Wurrzag became a Wurrgog Prophet.

As he Greenskinz named characters have been turned into generic heroes, too, my gaze fell upon the fantastic Gorbad Ironclaw model, which would make an excellent leader of my Greenskinz horde. The Waaagh banner is always a good addition for each Orruk army, so I took the spare banner I had left over from the Start Collecting box and it fitted perfectly to Gorbad’s back. Painting was  done in the same colour scheme which I applied for my Orruk Boar Boyz.

For the Orruk Shaman, I converted the Warboss from the Start Collecting box, as of course no other boss is needed beside Gorbad! His boar and overall pose look less impressive than Gorbad, but he would make a suitable mage I thought. He got some Bonesplitterz bits to arm him with ceremonial bones, a ward and my limited greenstuff skills to make him more shaman-like.

The last but not least hero is the really big one, the Warboss on Wyvern. I got all Wyvern models since the 4th edition and I must say, this last version from Azhag the Slaughterer is the most beautiful Wyvern so far. The way its wing rest on the ground make it appear more like a young and skinny version of a Mawcrusher, and less like a snake with wings like older models.

Unfortunately, Azhag himself looks quite bedazzled by his magic crown, so I needed to do some kitbashing. Some of the older Black Orc bits work well with the arms of Orruk Brutes, so my Warboss got a weapon with a good reach to chop enemies on the ground. I also replaced the strange wyvern-wing-banner by a more traditional one from a Beastmen kit and put large skulls on the base to show the great hunger of the beast! Also, a cannon ball missed the Wyvern and just hit a poor Grot walking by…

Painting wise I used the same colours for the red skin of the wyvern which I used for the banners and clothes of other models to make him look like a part of the army.

So that’s it, I hope you enjoyed my Age of Sigmar Orruk collection. Until next time, and follow me on Twitter and Instagram.