At long last, I’ve finished my rendition of Cato Sicarius, Captain of the Ultramarines’ Second Company. Make sure to check out all the pictures after the jump, as my paint job is quite different from the ‘Eavy Metal version.

Most noticeably is probably the head swap. The bare head that comes with the model has quite pronounced jaw bones which look a bit off in my opinion, compared to other Space Marine sculpts. The head I used comes from the Deathwatch Kill Team sprue. I found an artwork of Sicarius on the internet with grey temples, which inspired me to reproduce the effect for my paint job.

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Another difference to the ‘Eavy Metal version is the amount of yellow. I added the heraldic yellow stripe of the the Second Company to the knee pad, shoulder guard and banner. I feel it makes the model more colourful and adds some 2nd Edition nostalgia.

All in all it was fun model to paint. It’s satisfying to look at in my display cabinet, considering I bought the model soon after it’s original release and never got around painting it until now.

How do you like my version of Sicarius? Leave a comment below 🙂

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