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Hi everyone, Uruk here with some updates to my World Eaters force! See you inside.

Today I’m showing off two new additions I recently completed – both converted.

As the time goes, I try to push myself a bit more with every model I add to my army, heavily influenced and motivated by other World Eaters collectors over the world. I see the mindblowing and inspirational conversions by folks like Kraut Scientist from Eternal Hunt blog, Biohazard over on Bolter and Chainsword forums or Mr. Poom on flickr.

They’re setting the bar crazy high and whenever I browse through their amazing kitbashes and conversions, my own World Eaters seem more and more generic and vanilla. So now I’m taking it to the next level too – starting with a third Rhino and a Dark Apostle (which I prefer just to call Chaos Chaplain).

Starting with the Rhino though. The chassis as you can see is Forge World’s Deimos pattern Rhino from Horus Heresy. I sculpted some chaos trim with green stuff (similar to what I’ve done earlier with my Kharybdis pod) and added some trophy racks, skull piles and etched brass iconography. To finish the paint job off, I freehanded a big World Eaters symbol on the top hatch as I did with my other two transports.

And now onto the Chaplain. With my World Eaters I no longer aim to create an army strictly for playing games. I’m at a point where it’s an ever-growing journey of an army and I’m trying to fill out every codex slot and be able to field anything I want in any configuration I desire. For this Chaplain I had a few different ideas (I’m looking at you Zardu Layak, what an amazing model you are) but ulitmately I settled for the plastic Deathwatch Chaplain. The conversion is pretty straightforward, I used a number of assorted bits from fantasy bits, added some etched brass symbols and filled any gaps with green stuff.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with how those two “level-up” conversions came out and I can’t wait to add more! I’ve got a few more sets coming, so keep your eyes open for more Berzerkers and some blood-crazed World Eaters Terminators in coming months. As always let me know what you think! Looking forward to your critiques if any, and see you soon.