As promised yesterday, I present you some nice pictures of my recently painted Wyches for my Dark Eldar army. Above you can see the group shot, close ups of every model can be found after the jump so please take a look.

As you might notice, all of the models wear either helmets or have their mouth covered. My kabal is the Last Hatred, which have close ties to the Haemonculi coverns, so I chose this theme as hidden faces are a reoccuring theme on Wracks and Grotesques. And it also helped saving valuable painting time as I had to paint less faces 😉

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In my army I want to concentrate on the kabalite and covern elements of the Dark Eldar army. I only painted these Wyches. because I liked their look and they were in the mega force. In my imagination my Wyches aren’t the typical arena glory seekers, but more of a gang of mean killers and back stabbers at the call of the Haemonculi.

Above you can see the Hekatrix. As you can see, I didn’t use the legs with the wide stance that the designers intended to use for her. I also think that the masked helmet with the hair tail looks really cool and unusual. When I painted the Hekatrix I tried to do the blending on the agoniser with my airbrush. But being an airbrush novice, it didn’t turn out that great so I had to improve the blending with good old brush work.

How do you like them? I’m quite pleased with them and look forward to more Dark Eldar painting in the future.

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