I shared a WIP of these three Liberators not so long ago and they’re finished now. After the jump you can check out the other two members of the unit I’m working on and I add some thoughts about my first ever game of Age of Sigmar (second edition).

Another 2 Liberators in the pipeline. 

As I mentioned, I had my first game the other day. We played a matched point game of 1000pts and played the First Blood Battleplan. I spent a week planning for the game. Reading the rules and the Warscrolls for both forces. It was super easy learning the rules through the Age of Sigmar App. The Azyr Army Builder part of the App was great for creating an army list. It was so easy with not that much to learn. Don’t let the simplicity of the core rules fool you in to thinking this is dumbed down game, all the more complicated rules are saved for each unit and can be found on the warscrolls. The skill in the game is combining unit skills and abilities. It’s really strategic and tactical. 

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Turn 1 saw the Stormcast redeploy and deepstrike en masse on their rght hand flank. The plan was to steam roll through the Night Haunt army a couple of units at a time. 

With the Myrmourn Banshees quickly dispatched the Stormcast marched on to face the Spirit Hosts. Out of Shot, A Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed is brought down by the Judicators after two rounds of shooting.

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The Stormcast’s plan was scuppered by the Executioner and Spirit Hosts who were resilent enough to halt the Stormcast in their tracks allowing the rest of the Night Haunt force to pile in.

After two hours and five turns the Night Haunt host claimed a minor victory of 47 points to my 42. Whilst i was doing the damage the magic of the Night Haunts meant they could bring their units back and the Night Haunt characters with their abilities made the Night Haunts more accurate with better to hit rolls and rerolls. It was enough for them to whittle the Stormcast down to virtually nothing. It was an absolute blood bath of a game. Unit of the match was the Judicators who were fantastic with their bows.

Looking forward to my next game this Friday.

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