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Hi everyone, come gather round the herd-stone and take a look at my finished Despoiler warband.

I was already in a good position last post with this warband, I really just had to tidy up flesh tones, do the final highlights and finish the basing properly. It is really amazing how a model can come together in the last moments. Do you ever paint a model and wonder where it is going only to push through and finish it, wipe the sweat of your brow and thank the dark gods when you realise that some how it turned out ok? Definitely had that feeling with this warband quite a bit.

And while I am still not 100% certain that all the different flesh tones and fur tones made for a very co-hesive looking warband, I am happy I experimented and pushed myself out of my comfort zone.

I don’t think it turned out terribly and sometimes forfeiting a strong theme to learn things is worth it. That is why I love shadespire so much, the nature of the small groups of miniatures means you can be really experimental and expressive without fear of committing a suspect colour scheme to a whole army.

I certainly played it a lot safer and spent more time on the two main characters of this warband, as is only fitting as they will lead my Beasts of Chaos army, and are really the focus of the warband.

I really love the Bray Shaman sculpt as I mentioned previously, it is one of my current all-time favourites. So here is another bonus pic with him starting to cast the Dire flock endless spell. Thanks for reading folks, I really hope you like my interpretation of Grashrak’s Despoilers.

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