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Hi everyone – I am back with some more heresy! Let’s hold hands while I say some totally harmless words while coincidentally also standing on this totally harmless circle of symbols on the floor. What could possibly go wrong? 

So this model took me a casual 10,000 years or so to paint (not one to exaggerate). I really did enjoy tackling this beast, but I think I aged significantly in the process. I have always had a bit of an issue painting skin tones, they always look too orange or just plain unrealistic, but I am happy with this tortured pinkish skin tone.

I approached painting this model in a very methodical manner, laying down all the base coats and then working from the feet up. I am so glad I had the discipline to stay on course and not jump around painting random areas. Younger me would probably have quit painting this mini halfway through. I used to have this annoying tendency to jump into details in one area while half the rest of the model didn’t even have a base coat on.

Some people do paint like this, and kudos to them, I just find being strict with myself helps with motivation and getting things done.

There are so many amazing details on this model, my favourite being the free hanging belt feed. It is really cool to see how many design cues for this model have been years in the making. It really looks like a mini Hellbrute, and such an improvement on the previous Obliterators. Can we pretty please get an updated Mutilators kit now?

So there you have it folks my finally finished Word Bearers* Obliterator! I will have to challenge myself to paint the second one quicker, but I think I might take a break and paint some more of the basic Chaos Space Marines in the meantime just so I can feel like I have made some significant progress on the Shadowspear box. As always thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more heretical offerings coming soonTM.

*(Still not sure)