Welcome to today’s post where I’m going to share pictures of my Soulblight Gravelords’ Zombie Dragon, I’m also going to talk about my colour choices and how and why I made an impressive base for him.

Did you notice the lack of smoke in the picture? My fog machine broke as I was taking this picture.

The Zombie Dragon from Games Workshop is a pretty huge kit with lots of build options. You can build a Terrorghiest or a Zombie Dragon with a choice of riders, either a Vampire Lord or A Ghoul King. I actually choose to leave the rider off for now because I have loads of Leaders already in my Age of Sigmar Soulblight Gravelords army list and because I want to try and bind the Zombie Dragon to my Soulblight Gravelords Warcry warband and that model is riderless.

The base that comes with the Zombie Dragon is huge. It kind of makes sense because you can also build a Terrorgheist and that has a larger “footprint” so needs the bigger base. Because the Zombie Dragon stands more upright he looks lost on the huge base, he came with a weird shaped obelisk protruding from the base that he holds onto. I got rid of that because it looked a bit naff.

I sketched out a rough idea and was pretty happy with how it looked perched on some ruins, but it still needed work. I decided to scale the ruins right back and add a coffin in a grave at the front of the base. I made the coffin from balsa wood and the skeleton is from the Warcry bell tower scenery piece. I also made some tiles from plasticard for him to stand on. See below for the complete guide on how I made the base.

As you can see, I put a lot of thought and planning into the base but the model itself required a bit of planning. It’s a really clever sculpt with guts overlaid with bones and tattered flesh on top of the bones. All this layered detail is intricate and virtually impossible to paint if you assemble the model, so I had to spend some time painting parts and then assembling, slowly building it up like a partworks Frankenstein monster.

Colour scheme wise it was pretty straight forward. I used several of my tutorials to tie the model into the rest of the army. I cover how to paint the ruins in my Vyrkos Bloodborn tutorial. The wings are covered in my Vargskyr tutorial. The bone parts are in the Ulfenwatch tutorial Because it’s such a big model I had to add some extra shading and highlighting here and there because it’s the genre piece of my collection.

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In total this model took just over two weeks to complete and I love how nice it came out. It’s a cracking model and whilst mine came with the Flesh Eater Courts Start Collecting set this model is an absolute steal when bought separately for £37.50. It’s Mail Order direct only. If you want to buy it in a store or from an independent stockist you’ll you’ll have to get it in the Start Collecting Flesh Eater Courts set which is also excellent value for money.

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