After spending 5 weeks painting the Invictor Warsuit and the Bloodthirster, I fancied painting a smaller sized single character model. In fact the last time I painted a single man sized character model was six months ago when I shared my Deathwing Primaris Master.

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I got the Master of Possession mini on the day of release of the Shadowspear set two years ago. In that time I’ve painted all the Vanguard Space Marines from that box but never got past assembling the Chaos models, unit now. Just having the model ready and undercoated was so nice. I just grabbed it and painted a little, didn’t put any thought into it. It was so refreshing.

I couldn’t remember my paint scheme for my Black Legion it’s been so long since I last painted anything for that army so I had to use my own Black Legion painting tutorial. For the flames I used this painting flames tutorial I wrote 7 years ago.

The Master of Possession took me around a week to paint. It would be good for me to get back into a routine of weekly projects. I need to get back to painting Slaanesh Daemons for my Age of Sigmar Legion of Chaos Ascendant force but now I fancy painting more Black Legion.

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