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Come and take a look at issue 4 of The Official Warhammer Age of Sigmar Collection. It’s a bumper issue with lots to talk about. Check it out after the jump.

This review covers the fourth issue that was released in Warhammer stores, newsagents and supermarkets in the UK. This issue was available to buy between 5th – 11th February. Back issues are available on Hatchette Partworks website at the time of writing. This is UK only at the moment

Mortal Realms is a weekly Magazine which includes models, paints and gaming accessories. It gives hobbyists everything they need to collect, paint and play Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. It’s great for new starters or hobbyists who have been collecting for a while. 

The fourth issue is priced at £7.99. Like issue three, this magazine  didn’t come on a card back, instead the magazine, model sprues, card gaming board and paint are in a plastic see-through bag.

The models you get are four Glaivewraiths. These are Easy to Build models and retail for £10. You get a pot of Nihilakh Oxide as well which usually costs £2.75.  Not only is the paint useful for paint ghosts but you can also use it on brass to make it look old. 

If you’re playing through the missions in the magazine every week you’ll be happy to find a double sided card gaming mat in this issue. It’s a nice size at 22.5 inches by 34.5 inches. It’s not a full on wargame table size, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be more of these later on. It’s not ideal the card is thin (like a business card) and the fold creases are distracting but it’s fit for purpose and better then using a plain old table. 

Opening the publication we’re greeted with the contents which shows us we get the usual format of four background articles, an assembly article, a painting guide and a gaming mission. 

Have you ever wondered why the Glaivewraith have horse skulls? I always thought they looked like undead Skaven. The first article gives you the background you need to learn about your new models. The second part of this section gives us the lore on the Stormcast Sacrosanct Chambers. This is useful to know as the next issue includes a Knight Incantor so you can get an early heads up on Sigmar’s Warrior Mystics. You can read about the Necroquake as well in the third part and finally get an introduction to Azyr the Realm of Heavens.

The How to Build Glaivewraith Stalkers gives you two pages of information. The first page tends to be repeated information every week like Clipper Safety. The second page shows the assembly. The models are really easy to put together and only consist of 2 or 3 parts each. Nice to see one of the models can be armed with either a hunter’s glaive or a drum.

Four pages of painting guides. It’s basic in it’s execution but very thorough and clear. Remember, this will build and build the more you receive more paint and more models. If I can offer some advice, firstly they don’t give any advice on filling gaps. These can be unsightly, so use some greenstuff to fill those gaps in and smooth the putty out with a wet modelling tool. I’d recommend buying a white undercoat spray. It’ll save you hours compared to hand undercoating. Third and final tip from me is if you mix some Contrast Medium into the Nihilakh Oxide it’ll help the paint flow into all the creases and give a nicer effect.

From the ‘Crypt and Barrow Something Wicked Stirs’ is the title of this week’s gaming section and gives you 6 pages of rules and instructions to play through using your Castigators from last week’s issue to fight your newly assembled Glaivewraith Stalkers.

As always, the back page gives us a look at the next two issues and they’re both pretty interesting. Issue 5 gives us the limited edition Xandria Azurebolt. She’s only available in next weeks publication. Issue 6 contains the Thorns of the Briar Queen warband. Interestingly, it would appear neither of these issue will include paint.

Back to issue 4 though and it’s a pretty good one. The models are a solid inclusion, the paint is extremely useful, the gaming mat is ok and serves a purpose but the star for me is the actual magazine itself this week. My knowledge on Age of Sigmar is minimal and through these magazines I’m learning loads about it.

Pop back tomorrow when I finally catch up with the weekly releases and review issue 5.

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