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Today I’m gonna share my process for painting the eye-catching metallic teal effect of the XX. Legion.

Colours I used: Tamiya Clear Yellow, Clear Blue, Clear Green, X-20A thinner, Vallejo Air Silver, Vallejo Air Black

First, I prepared the paint mixes and used some X-20A thinner to thin them to the perfect consistency.

Mix 1: Clear Green + Blue (~2:1)

Mix 2: Clear Green + Blue (~3:1)

Mix 3: Clar Green + Bue (~1:5)

If you don’t use thinner, the airbrush will clog and thick drips will come out. Don’t add too much thinner either, and do not layer too wet to avoid puddles. I used a 0,4 mm airbrush. Be sure to use a mask!

1. Spray the whole model with Vallejo Air Silver.

2. Add some shading by adding Vallejo Air Black to the Silver and apply it on the model.

3. Apply an even basecoat of mix 1: Tamiya Clear Green + Blue (~2:1).

4. Apply mix 2: Clear Green + Blue (~3:1) to the lower areas of the model to get a greenish gradient.

5. I added more blue spots with mix 3: Clear Green + Blue (~1:5). In this step, spray the final layer over the shadows, the mixture shouldn’t be too thick, it’s better to dilute it more. Make sure that no puddles form, i.e. do not spray on one spot for too long

If you don’t like the result or if you sprayed too much paint in an area, you can always correct it by

starting again with silver. This way you can also correct possible mistakes.

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I hope you enjoyed this brief walk through my process of painting Alpha Legion. If you want me to paint your models for you, check out my commission painting studio:




Until then, happy painting!

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