Hey everyone, Silvernome here back with more Chaos Legion goodness!

As you may have seen by now with my previous posts here on Tale of Painters, I’ve been working on this project to paint each of the nine traitor legion Contemptor Dreadnoughts and eventually making a diorama out of them.

The last (?!) dread in the series is the Night Lords! As I shared in my previous Contemptor posts, I fully magnetized the dread (you can find my quick tutorial my Youtube channel) so I could hot-swap weapons on them all. I also magnetized the feet of the dread so when I eventually do a diorama, it can look at home on that display as well as a base themed for my army.

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First up, the claws. I really wanted this dread to have two claw fists but wanted them to stand out from the normal variants. I was really into the idea of getting the claws from the new Blood Angels themed contemptor, but ForgeWorld doesn’t sell them alone and couldn’t find any others. The next best thing were the claws from the Furioso Dreadnought (also Blood Angels). I was able to find these from a 3rd party bit seller and was good to go. Only requires a little bit of shaving/modification but otherwise they fit in pretty good.

Now, the lightning. I am both happy and unhappy with how it turned out. I need to get a bit better with brush control and thinning paints when working with details. But in some sections it came out really good. I started off with a thin acrylic ink to sketch out the lines, then built up the white a bit. Then went over with some blue Ghost Tint paint and then back again with the white. Definitely a technique I want to try out more in the future.

While the lightning wasn’t my favorite part, I am really pleased with how the skin came out. Simple base of Rakarth flesh with a mixture of washes from GW (crimson, violet and fleshshade).

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I’ve also uploaded a 360 degree look at the Night Lords dread to my Youtube channel:

I still need to paint a few extra weapons then I’ll work on getting a family portrait of all the dreads together while I think about diorama display options for the group.

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