These zealots are the embodiment of the Realm of Fire. They truly believe they are made stronger by embracing Aqshian magic and hunting the beasts that Realm and performing rituals such as eating the hearts of Magmavores and Ash Salamanders. Those who are worthy become living flames and their weapons burning white hot and igniting in flame. Those who are unworthy are burnt to a cinder. Ultimately, all they want is to follow Archaon as he sets the Mortal Realms ablaze. More close up pictures of my newly finished warband after the jump.

Scions of the Flame

These miniatures are a joy to paint covered in different textures. You can really take your time and pick out every single detail. Cloths, leathers, strapping, scales, braids, armour. These have it all. Undeniably, these are chaos models but they have their own unique identity like all the Chaos Warcry Warbands.

From left to right: Fireborn, Immolator, Blazing Lord and Brazen

I decided to paint the armour differently to my Slaves to Darkness army, I kept it red but instead chose to paint it as an intense, heated smouldering iron. I think it looks really nice with all the flames.

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From left to right: Inferno Priest, Fireborn, Initiate and

This Warband took a total of two weeks to paint as I figured out my paint scheme and photographed and wrote two tutorials. I was so happy when they were done and I had them finished just in time to add them to my Armies on Parade
board… but that’s a post for another time.

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