Project #newyearnewarmy is lit! Joining the ranks of my Disciples of Tzeentch this week are a unit of Flamers of Tzeentch. Check out the pictures in this blog post.

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This photo was a lot of fun to take and not because I’m a budding arsonist but because I got to make some cotton wool flame effects and light them with my slaved speedlites (no this isn’t a new Tzeentch warband, they’re portable flashes for photography). You can check out the behind the scenes on my twitter.

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The flamers of Tzeentch are a confusing mass of daemon skin, tendrils, numerous faces and flames all coalescing into a single entity, which made painting them slow and tricky. Trying to work out where the flames start and the skin ends whilst trying to blend all the colours together was quite a job but I think the end result is pretty cool. I used my Fluxmaster paint recipe card to paint these Flamers.

Rounding off this quick blog post is my Disciples of Tzeentch 2023 project so far. They’re definitely a painters’ project with lots of colours, blends and intricate details. I’m really enjoying these. Might paint up some Screamers next.

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