Seeing as the Death Guard have just received a new Codex, these two Blightlord Terminators have decided to crawl out of their puss-filled swamp and make an appearance. Languishing in the stagnant abyss that is my unfinished model pile for a whole year, I thought I’d better dust them off and get them done.

As I mentioned, it was a year ago I posted a WIP of these two. I thought they would be a nice easy to project to quickly, but I was wrong. Do you ever do that? Paint a couple of quick models to break up a bigger project just so it feels like you’re accomplishing something? That wasn’t my main reason why I was painting these, you see, I wanted a 5 man squad of Blightlord Terminators and you only get 3 Tainted Cohorts accompanying Lord Felthius. So I jumped on eBay and bought the last two I needed.

I hacked these models up and did arm swaps and head swaps to help make them a little different. I also painted a few of their details in other colours, most noticeably their moth icon on their bloated bellies.

I think the unit looks pretty sweet. It’s actually made me want to delve deeper into the Deathguard to-do pile and paint some more. If you want to paint some Death Guard in this colour scheme, then good news, I wrote a tutorial. Check it out here. Or if you fancy trying your hand at some Poxwalkers, you can check out my tutorial for those here. Where the tutorials mention Bloodletter Glaze, you can switch that stage out for another red glaze, or you can make a glaze by mixing 2 parts Lahmian Medium with Blood Angels Contrast.

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