Today on the blog, I talk about Sigmar’s shock troops, his wrath incarnate, the Annihilators! We’ll look at their background and their rules from the new Age of Sigmar set, Dominion. We’ll also have some top notch photos to look at.

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Annihilators are Sigmar’s Paladins reforged in the heaviest armour and wielding weapons made from meteors from the realm of heavens. Arriving on the battlefield in portals opened by storm magic, they charge into the enemy with the force of a twin tailed comet decimating all before them. Once the momentum of the charge has seen their enemies dispatched these warriors are hampered by their bulky armour and are quite slow. Further attacks with their meteoric weapons can generate and energise their armour allowing them to make further devastating changes.

Chaos Beastmen ambush Annihilators of the Primal Kings Stormhost

The Meteoric Hammer has a range of 1” and hits and wounds on 3+. It’s -1 rend to the enemy armour save and 2 damage. They have 3 attacks each (the Champion has 4) and when they charge their Force of a Falling Star rule means they can inflict mortal wounds. You take a number of dice equal to your unmodified charge rule and roll them, for each 4+ that unit suffers a mortal wound. This becomes 5+ if you have only 2 models in the unit and 6+ if you have only 1 model.

They also have a Blazing Impact rule. When they arrive on the battlefield for every enemy unit within 10” of them they suffer D3 mortal wounds on a 3+. They also get to reroll their charge roll in the turn they arrive. With a little bit of luck these 3 models can really dish out the damage. The rules in the Dominion set has this unit locked at 3 in size. No min or max option, and these 3 will cost 190pts. There 3 wounds each and 2+ save will mean the enemy will have to use a lot of their resources to deal with them their a good disruption unit. They’re not battleline sadly so you have to decide if you want these to take up a valuable other slot or not.

Make sure you pop back next week when I share my next unit from the set on the blog, the Vindictors! I hope you all managed to pre order your copy of Dominion! Good luck.

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