Today I present you my Phobos Strike Team Kill Team, painted in the pitch black livery of the Raven Guard, the most stealthiest of chapters. I share a couple of pictures and a few insights into how I painted and personalized the models, so please have a look.

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Cinematic shot of a Raven Guard Phobos Strike Team Kill Team with Gallowdark terrain

I’m a bit so/so about the Primaris range, but I really grew to love Phobos armour, especially Primaris Infiltrators. So when Games Workshop kindly sent me the Kill Team: Moroch set, I knew I wanted to paint an Phobos Strike Team for my growing collection of Kill Teams. I decided to go with a chapter I haven’t painted before, and which chapter would be better suited for stealthy tactics than Raven Guard?

Raven Guard Primaris Infiltrators Phobos Strike Team Kill Team painted by Stahly

I painted six models in total, mixing in a few bitz from the Raven Guard Primaris Upgrade set and my bitz box, like the Reiver parts. The Commsman model comes from the Shadowspear / Start Collecting! Vanguard set.

There is a Saboteur (which unfortunately got into a minor varnishing accident), a Reiver Sergeant, a Helix Adept, a Saboteur, and Infiltrator Veteran, and a Marksman to cover the minimum number of operatives. I might add a few more models over time to add more variety to my roster.

Painting Raven Guard

Painting-wise, I decided to paint them in a more realistic way, similar to my Sons of Horus and Emperor’s Children, to practice weathering effects. I started with a coat of AK Interactive Black Primer, applied The Army Painter Warpaints Air Regiment Grey as a zenithal highlight, then added an oil wash of Abteilung 502 Bitume as a recess wash. Once dry, I drybrushed the armour with Warpaints Uniform Grey, and finally added some sponge weathering with Warpaints Air Regiment Grey and silver chips with Vallejo Mecha Color Steel. Then I painted all the remaining details.

Raven Guard Tutorial Patreon banner

A complete step-by-step tutorial for my Raven Guard paint scheme can be found on my Patreon, I would be very happy if you would consider supporting me and Tale of Painters there. Many free tutorials are available here on Tale of Painters in our tutorial section.

Cinematic shot of a Raven Guard Phobos Strike Team Kill Team with Gallowdark terrain

Here is another shot of my Raven Guard Phobos Strike Team in the close confines of the Gallowdark Space Hulk, my tutorial for the Gallowdark terrain from Kill Team: Into the Dark can be found here.

I hope you enjoyed the view of my Raven Guard Kill Team. Leave a comment or reaction below, or join our friendly Discord server if you’ve got any questions or need help with your latest painting project.