Ready those celestial wings as we nose dive straight into this post. I share some incredible cinematic shots, clear background shots, the lore on Yndrasta as well as her rules and some paint recipes for her wings and armour.

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Standing firm Yndrasta prepares to dispatch one of Khorne’s Champions with Thengaver and her Blade of the High Heavens.

Yndrasta is one of Sigmar’s mightiest Champions charged with the task of slaying Sigmar’s monstrous enemies. Born aloft on great feathered wings she’s an inspiring presence to the forces of Order. Armed with Thengaver and the Blade of the High Heavens she strikes down enemies many times her size.

Before being reforged by Sigmar’s very own hands Yndrasta was a Chieftain in the Realm of Ghur. Uniting many nations during the Age of Chaos she was able to hold back the tides of Chaos long enough for her people to escape to Azyr. Ultimately it was Khorne’s champion Doombreed where she met her match, in her dying moments she drove her spear in to the Daemon and prayed to Sigmar to destroy them both in a blast of lightning.

Yndrasta’s rules are really good. I love the fact she can fly 12” and has an 18” ranged weapon. Thengaver is 1 attack but hits and wounds on 2+ and does D6 damage with a -2 rend. Her melee weapon, Blade of the High Heavens, has 4 attacks, hits on 3s, wounds on 2s with -2 rend and 3 damage. The high damage definitely fits her monster hunter theme. She has 8 wounds, 3+ save and a 4+ ward save. What’s really going to help keep her alive against monstrous adversaries is the Prime Huntress rule which makes monsters add 10 wounds when consulting their damage table to see which profile stats to use really weakening their effectiveness.

AOS First Edition Vandus Hammerhand and the Third Edition model Yndrasta

Her Dazzling Radiance rule is awesome. During her Hero Phase, she can bring back a model with 3 or less wounds from the dead so long as the unit is wholly within 12” of her. So pairing her up with a fast moving unit like Prosecutors could be good. These units wholly within 12” also don’t have to take battleshock tests due to her Hawk of the Celestial Skies rule.

Look at how great these recent Age of Sigmar models look. So good.

When it came to painting Yndrasta I thought I’d continue with my Primal Kings Stormhost. It’s not an easy colour scheme to paint but it’s really rewarding. White is part of my scheme so I knew I wanted her wings white. I painted them separate to the model pinned to corks in my Get a Grip painting handles. I undercoated the wings with Wraithbone Spray then used Contrast Apothecary White all over. Then I used Contrast Space Wolves Grey to line the recesses between the feathers. Finally I highlighted the feathers with Corax White. I feel it’s a natural off white look for the feathers.

The Angel and the Demon.

Now, it’s all about the base. Once the wings were done, before I glued them on I painted the base next. I actually used my Warcry Ruins tutorial to paint them. You can check them out below.

Then it was onto the main model. The Grey armour is Dawnstone basecoat, Basicanum Grey wash, repaint with Dawnstone and edge highlight with Celestra Grey. The yellow armour is first painted with Corax White, then basecoated with Yriel Yellow. Then it’s area highlighted with Flash Git Yellow. It’s area shaded with Contrast Iyanden Yellow and then lined with Gryph Hound Orange. Finally its edge highlighted with Wraithbone.

Chaos Warriors goad a Chimera into the path of the Annhilators but is thwarted by a lightning wreathed intervention by Yndrasta.

Thanks for taking the time to check my post out. Later this week I’ll be back with another showcase post featuring the Annihilators.

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