On today’s post: painting models because you own them, converting awful models and completing start collecting set. Read on to check out my Flesh-eater Courts Abhorrent Ghoul King and Crypt Ghouls.

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My smoke machine is still broken for those of you keeping track.

I’d like to start by explaining what I mean about “painting models because you own them”. At face value this is a bit of an obvious statement, of course you’re only going to paint miniatures you own (unless you’re a commission painter I guess). What I really mean is sometimes you own miniatures you didn’t choose to own. What if the miniatures were given to you as a present, or bundled into a trade deal or you won a competition. You might not have had any plans to paint these miniatures, but because you now own them you find yourself painting them.

These deluded fools think they’re on a quest to rescue a damsel in distress.

That’s what happened here. I bought the Start Collecting Flesh-eater Court set because I wanted a Zombie Dragon and some Vargheists. I had no intention of painting the Crypt Ghouls. I thought the models looked dated and didn’t inspire me in the slightest. Then something happened, I finished the Vargheists and thought “wow, this colour scheme could look super nice on Flesh-eaters”. And with that I was down the rabbit hole.

Check out the end of this post for a link to a full tutorial on how I painted my Crypt Ghouls.

I quickly started to read up on adding allies and found I could add some Flesh-eater Court units to my Soulblight Gravelords’ list. I then realised I had the spare parts from the Zombie Dragon kit to make an Abhorrent Ghoul King. However that model is awful. He’s lunging horizontally from a tall rock. It just looks a bit daft. I did a little bit of tweaking to make mine look like it’s stood upright. He still didn’t look imposing enough so I used a couple of spare spiked horns from the Crypt Hunters/Flayers set to give him more height and add to his grisly nature.

Being a Flesh-eater, this Abhorrent Ghoul King has impaled a snack upon one of his back horns – yum!

Painting the Crypt Ghouls and Abhorrent Ghoul King was great. It was a nice break to paint something different and it was wonderful to paint the last pieces to complete the Start Collecting Flesh-eater Court set. It’s funny how just coming into possession of models you never planned on getting can lead you to new allies or even a new army.

The finished Start Collecting Flesh-eater Court set in all its glory.
I used this tutorial I wrote for the Vargskyr to paint the Flesh-eater Courts
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