I’m behind on posting my progress with the Imperium Partworks series but I’m not behind with painting them. These Aggressors have been finished for a couple of weeks now but I’m only just finding the time to catch up on my backlog of miniatures that need photographing.

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Nothing can save you from the purifying light of the God Emperor.

I’ve painted this kit before a few ears ago when it was included in the Conquest Partworks magazine series. That time I painted them as Dark Angels and I remember them being hard to paint because of all the edges. I wasn’t looking forward to painting these Black Templars because of that.

When I got into the painting and got past the first couple of days of edge highlighting, I actually started to enjoy them. Especially the obnoxiously coloured fists and gold Aquilas.

My first Assault Intercessors had my first attempt at Black Templar freehand symbols and they were atrocious. I changed how I painted them for the Aggressors and I’m much happier with them now.

I’ll be posting my Emperor’s Champion soon and I can’t wait to paint more Black Templars.

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