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Managed to squeeze in a small hobby session on Wednesday evening, I took photos as I went along. After the ‘jump’ I’ll run through what I managed to get done. 

We are Legion.

As you can see from all the pictures Wednesday session was painting the bases for my Primaris Marines I base coated the other day.  I start off painting theta of the base with Steel Legion Drab. Just in case their are gaps in the texture paint stages you won’t see the black base showing through. 

Tools of the trade.

I really rate the Citadel Texture Tool. It’s easier to use than a brush to apply texture paint. The different sized ends is really useful as well. The new larger Citadel Texture paint pots are really nice as well. They’re not cheap but I really like the effect of uneven lumpy ground they create. 

He who controls the Spice, controls the universe!

The Texture Paints come in two grain sizes. ‘Armageddon Dunes’ and Armageddon Dust’. Dunes has a larger diameter grit mixed into the paint. I like using this roughly in the middle of the base. 

Ashes to Ashes…

For variance I use Armageddon Dust on the perimeter of the base top. I like to do this because the smaller grit creates a smoother area and this tends to be where I will superglue the feet of the model to.  

This was the highlight of my day.

Some things in the hobby change over time. Using plastic spatulas and textured paint is all very ‘modern hobby’, some things though remain the same. You can’t go wrong with a goof old fashion dry brush… I kind of want a t-shirt now that says “Drybrushing since 1994”.

I really like Citadel’s Dry Brush. It’s really good. Makes job’s like this really easy.

>Insert joke about a brown rim<

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Finally I give the base rims a couple of quick coats of Steel Legion Drab. Come back soon to see me glue the models to the bases and start painting.

My bases aren’t anything spectacular but they’re fit for purpose. I know I should put more effort into them. I’m open to your suggestions in the comments. How would you improve these desert bases bearing in mind they have to fit with all my other armies.

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