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Showcase: Black Templars’ Emperor’s Champion

In today’s post I wanted to share my recently finished Emperor’s Champion that Games Workshop kindly sent me. I had fun taking this picture. I wanted him standing in a doorway as an homage to He man and the Masters of the Universe. It’s just the way he’s holding his sword, I can imagine him calling down the power of Grayskull… or maybe he’d say servoskull.

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Tutorial: How to paint Black Templars Crusader Squads

How to paint Black Templars

In this post, I’ll show you how to paint a Crusader from the Black Templars from the Black Templar Army Set. I painted this model in 24 easy to follow steps. You’ll learn how I paint black armour, cream tabards, bright yellows and more. This tutorial is perfect for any black armoured Space Marines like Raven Guard and Death Company. Find out how in this tutorial.

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First Look: Black Templars’ Codex and Army Set

On today’s post I take a look at the sprues and contents of the new Black Templar Army set. In the 4k video you’ll see high-resolution codex pages as we flick through the book together. I also try to answer the important questions like where are the Castellan rules, what about First-born Sword Brethren and more.

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