Dominion Zephon completes the two new limited edition Horus Heresy characters released for the Black Library Celebration 2022. He is probably the most dynamic posed jump pack Space Marine model ever – find out more in our Dominion Zephon review and unboxing.

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Dominion Zephon Review Horus Heresy featured image
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Dominion Zephon was introduced in the The Master of Mankind novel, where he was gravely wounded and lost three limps. Thanks to the arcane technology of Arkhan Land, he was able to return to battle, and more about his storey will be told in Bringer of Sorrows.

Dominion Zephon is released alongside Fafnir Rann (check out our review here). Both plastic kits are available only while stocks last. It seems the model is available on a made to order basis from once the initial print run has sold out, at least during the preorder period.

Dominion Zephon unboxing

Unbox Dominion Zephon with me in this short video:

As you can see, Dominion Zephon has a really dynamic pose, jumping forwards with his giant sword clasped with two hands. The pose can look a bit awkward in 2D photography so you have to hold him in your own hands to appreciate the design. He can be assembled with either an Mk6 “beakie” helmet or bare-headed. Like recent Horus Heresy releases and Fafnir Rann, he seems to be upscaled compared to Horus Heresy Space Marine models.

You can download his rules for free over on Warhammer Community. He can take a Blood Angels Destroyer Squad as retinue, which is quite cool.


Like Fafnir Rann, Dominion Zephon is surprisingly affordable for a Space Marine character model on a 40 mm base, with an RRP of “only” £18 / 23€ / $32. The model is a limited edition release, so hurry before you miss out.

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  • Beautifully designed sculpt
  • Rather affordable compared to other Space Marine character models
  • Plastic
  • Free rules


  • Limited availability

Final Verdict

Imposing stature, enormous axes, and a beautifully groomed beard - Fafnir Rann, Imperial Fists Captain of the First Assault Cadre, brings all this at a relatively affordable price. Just be aware of the limited availabality.