Finally – Aeldari Warlocks in plastic! In this post we’ll see what the new kit has to offer, and how the new Warlocks scale up to the older models. Find out more in our Eldar Warlocks review here on Tale of Painters.

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New Eldar / Aeldari Warlocks review, box art
This item was kindly provided by Games Workshop. Thoughts and opinions are our own.

The new Aeldari Warlocks come in a box with two models and have an RRP of £35 / 42,50€. They are on preorder on February 26th, 2022, and will be released on March 5th, 2022.

Eldar / Aeldari Warlocks unboxing

The new Warlocks are beautiful sculpts. Let’s see what’s inside the box and which options are provided:

We have a single small sprue and two 32 mm bases. The bodies have fixed poses, but the feet aren’t connected to the “tactical” rocks so you could assemble them without if you prefer. There are two helmets, one with a plume, the other with a topknot, plus two bare heads. There are two left and two right arms that are interchangeable, one left hand with a Singing Spear, one left hand with a witchblade, one right hand with a shuriken pistol, and one gesticulating right hand. The hands are interchangeable with the arms.

As you can see, there is quite a lot of interchangeability when it comes to the heads and arms, still, it’s a real downer that each weapon is only available once, and a plain helmet like in the Farseer / Warlock Skyrunner set would have been nice.

New Aeldari Warlocks review – scale comparison

Here is a scale comparison with an old metal Warlock, the recently released plastic Spiritseer, old and new Guardians, as well as the plastic Farseer. Because of their flowing robes and decorated helmets, the new Warlocks look massive in comparison to older sculpts, though they are in line with the new Guardians and Eldrad Ulthran.

I was able to receive the new Warlocks and Guardians a little bit earlier so I could paint them for you, stay tuned for more pictures arriving on Tale of Painters soon.


The Warlock set comes with an exorbitant price tag of £35 / 42,50€. Sure, the plastic Spiritseer and Farseer are also £17.50 / 22,50€ each (and will become slightly more expensive with the price rise in March), but these are the same price tag as the new Guardians kit, which has six times the amount of plastic. I feel that for this price the kit should have had a third model and more weapon options.

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  • Beautiful sculpts with flowing robes and powerful poses
  • Interchangeable arms, hands, and heads
  • Bare Warlock / Seer heads for the first time


  • Each weapon is only included once
  • Price

Final Verdict

Wanted by many, and now finally in plastic: Aeldari Warlocks. The models are beautifully designed, only the lack of weapon options and the overpriced RRP spoil the joy. Still, as Eldar fans, we take what we get.