Following up my review of the Leagues of Votann army set, I managed to grab one of the Hearthkyn Warriors that was available as September/October’s “miniature of the month” in Warhammer stores. I knew this would make the perfect little painting project for an upcoming tutorial, so here is my orange Hearthkyn Warrior from the Trans-hyperion Alliance.

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At first I wasn’t sure which League to choose for my Hearthkyn Warrior, and a vote on Instagram between the Trans-Hyperion Alliance and the Greater Thurian League was also almost 50:50. In the end, I chose the Trans-Hyperion Alliance because the colour scheme seems to be very popular on Instagram and Twitter.

Leagues of Votann Trans-hyperion Alliance Hearthkyn Warrior painted by Stahly, front

To paint this model quickly, I started with a base coat of the new White Scar spray, and then used different Contrast paint to establish the base colours. The characteristic orange of the armoured suit is a 1:1 mix of Magmadroth Flame and Gryph-hound Orange that I drybrushed with Fire Dragon Bright and sponge weathered with Rhinox Hide. The black armour is a coat of Black Legion with highlights of Formula P3 Bastion Grey and Trollblood Highlight.

There’ll soon be a painting tutorial for my take on the Leagues of Votann’s Trans-Hyperion Alliance, it’ll be up on my Patreon this Friday, and then appear here on Tale of Painter a bit later.

Cinematic shot of a Leagues of Votann Trans-hyperion Alliance Hearthkyn Warrior painted by Stahly

Painting this model was a lot of fun. If you’re looking for more Leagues of Votann goodness, check out Garfy’s Instagram, he painted the whole army set already:

Don’t forget to check out my review of the army set, leave a reaction or a comment if you have any question. See you soon, and until then, happy hobbying!


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