Redgrass Creative have revamped their popular Everlasting Wet Palette thanks to Kickstarter and now offer the Painter V2 and Studio XL V2, with an improved seal, more painting surface, and innovative reusable painting membranes. Is it worth the upgrade if you already have the old palettes? We find out in this review.

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Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2 from Redgrass Games, packaging
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Redgrass Creative (formerly known as Redgrass Games), the swiss company best known for their “everlasting” wet palettes, successfully fulfilled their Kickstarter campaign for the Everlasting Wet Palette 2, the spiritual successor to the Everlasting Wet Palette we reviewed a couple of years ago here.

Now in January 2023, the Everlasting Wet Palette V2 is finally available (and in stock!) in retail, in two revised sizes: Painter and Studio XL. The retail packages of both palettes contain 15 reusable painting membranes, 2 foam pads, and a 72 pages A5 product and tutorial booklet, written by no other than Angel Giraldez:

Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2 from Redgrass Games unboxing

I myself am an absolute fan of the Everlasting Wet Palette, and my old Painter size palette sees daily use. For years I didn’t use a wet palette because I always thought it was only for competition-level painters only, but I was completely wrong. In summer alone, a wet palette is an absolute must-have. You can find more reasons for a wet palette here:

Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2 review

The Everlasting Wet Palette V2 has been redesigned completely. The first thing to notice is the size: While the Studio V2 XL has stayed the same, the smaller Painter V2 has become approx. 20% larger compared to their predecessor. Honestly, I’m a bit ambivalent about the new size. I’m sure many people will be happy about more painting space, but the old Painter was already a bit too big for my compact painting station. The new Painter V2 now takes up even more space, so unfortunately it is a bit too big for me, so I will stay with the old one. You also need a new size for the membrane. A new inbetween size makes sense though, as the old Painter size palette is still available as the “Painter lite” palette.

Everlasting Wet Palette Studio XL, Painter V2, and Painter Lite Comparison
From left to right: Studio XL V2, Painter V2, and Painter Lite / original Painter size

Also improved is the sealing of the case. The old palettes needed the help of an included elastic band to keep a tight seal, while the V2 has a much tighter seal by nature so there is no elastic band needed.

Redgrass Games Everlasting Wet Palette V2 Sliding system

The mounting system for the accessories has also been changed. On the predecessors, magnets were used to attach the well palette and pot holders. The V2 has plastic sliding locks instead, which means the old accessories won’t fit the new palette. This seems like a cost-saving measure first and foremost, but it works and holds up well.

Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2 from Redgrass Games

In addition, the Everlasting Wet Palettes V2 contain the new reusable painting membranes. These really deliver what they promise, as they can be washed off several times. They also wrinkle less than the old “sandwich paper” sheets and the hydration is more even. I was allowed to test the reusable membranes some time ago, so here is the link to a more detailed review:

As an additional expansion option, Redgrass Creative also offers glass inserts for the wet palettes, which are particularly suitable for oil paints. If you want to switch to the Everlasting Wet Palette V2, it might make sense to retrofit the old palette with a glass insert.


I’m not gonna lie, the asking prices of £32.90 / 35.90 € / $42.90 for the Painter V2 and £45.90 / 49.90 € / $59.90 for the Studio XL V2 are not exactly cheap for what is an essentially glorified plastic container. The Army Painter’s Wet Palette is about half the price and has a more fancy black design. But the palette is built to last and made in Europe, and the 2 foam pads and 15 reusable membranes will go a long way. The reusable membranes are a particularly significant factor in the follow-up costs, but in my experience, they can be cleaned and reused three to five times easily, and potentially more often if you take extra care not to rip them.

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  • Improved design & high quality
  • Comes with a good amount of membranes and foam pads
  • 20% size increase on the painter V2


  • Not exactly cheap
  • Bland colours & design

Final Verdict

The popular Everlasting Wet palette features thoughtful innovations in the Kickstarter-funded V2, a tighter closure and comes standard with the innovative reusable membranes. The Painter V2 also has 20% more painting surface, closing the gap between the old Painter or Painter Lite and the Studio XL. Probably not an essential upgrade if you already have one of the predecessors, but Redgrass Games have made an excellent product just that little bit better.