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It’s Ben from RD Minis back again with the final part of the Red Scorpions showcase, last up it’s the heavy support.

I wanted to include several centrepiece models and Forgeworlds large models certainly fit that bill.

Both the Fellblade and Spartan are excellent models, some problems with fitting the tracks on the Spartan though and neither are for novice modellers really.

I added pintle mounted weapons and hunter killer missiles because you can never have enough guns on a tank surely, also as with all my models I’ve covered them in purity seals and other details to individualise them and show how ancient and revered they are.

The Storm eagle is another kit from Forgeworld and is a superb model which vies with the Fellblade for my favourite large scale kit in the force but again this is not a kit for novices and certainly isn’t the easiest to put together.

Both the Storm eagle and Stormraven (along with all the other transporting vehicles) have painted interiors and all the doors are able to be opened to view it, they also have fully painted cockpits and alternative weapons.

I used plenty of lighting effects on the Land raiders for dramatic effect and the Redeemer also has a heat damaged look on its sponsons which fades from the front using Kantor blue through Xereus purple to Balthasar gold, all thinned and glazed over the top of the base metal colour.

As with the Rhinos I tried to keep to the same paint scheme but adding various details and kits and using different weapon loadouts to create variety.

I’ve also added a firing missile to the Hunter using a sculpted green stuff smoke plume.

Both the Centurions and Deredeo have swappable weapons and the Deredeo has also been given the same detailing as the other relic models to give the impression of its age and status.

The two Devastator squads have Rhinos that can also be used as Razorbacks for flexibility.

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Well I hope you enjoyed this look at my Red Scorpions over the past few weeks and I look forward to hopefully bringing you a shot of the full force all together (which may need some small amount of re working with the new codex coming out, not too much though by the sounds of it) as well as a guide to the paint scheme I used and further guides for special effects I’ve achieved in future posts.