In a previous post I talked about my groups yearly Secret Sanguinius exchange. This year I decided to combine all the hobby things I’ve enjoyed recently into one display. I am Tom, and welcome to my 30K Space Wolves Display base!

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As we limit ourselves to £25, I spent a lot of time on eBay following my initial idea. Fortunately I managed to get two of these models form the same seller cheaply, so splashing out on the Rune Caster surrogate was possible. These are all original metal models, the only real changes are the plastix axehead on the Rune Caster and the power sword left arm and shoulder pad on the Herald.

Below are detailed shots of each model.

I think my top 3 things on these are:

  • The banner I found on the internet and is just printed onto paper and glued in place. Don’t forget that the reverse can be coloured as well – as you can see below I made this a plain black.
  • The white fur on the pelts is a basecoat of Corax White, followed by a shade of thinned Briar Queen Chill to give the blue shadows. I then drybrushed on White Scar to highlight. Suprisingly simple!
  • I put some thought into the colour choices of different sections of the model and the bases. I tried to make sure that the grey of the armour was slightly different to that of the base, which I did by making the armour nuetral and giving the bases blue shadows. Each model has a splash of colour amongst the neutral greys and browns, which gives the eye something to focus on.

If you’ve enjoyed these models, check out my instagram for more of my adventures in small dioramas and more.