Have you ever stumbled into collecting an army by mistake? Maybe you bought a set of models to use part for a different army or maybe they were a gift from someone or perhaps like me you bought the Start Collecting Flesh-eater Courts set to add Vargheist and a Zombie Dragon to my Soulblight Gravelords. That set left me with 10 Crypt Ghouls and I thought to myself, ah these dudes look funny, I’ll paint them for a laugh. I based them on my Cursed City Vyrkos colour scheme and was actually pretty happy with them. Before long I’ve been sent some Royal Beastflayers and a Dawnbringers Jerrion’s Delegation set and my Flesh-eater Courts collection has grown in size kinda by accident. 

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Model supplied to me by Games Workshop. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

Now, the army has core units, characters, Endless Spells, faction specific terrain and I’ve even moved my Zombie Dragon from my Soulblight army to the Flesh-eaters permanently. I’m now a Flesh-eater Courts collector and I couldn’t be happier. They have fascinating lore and their recent bought of character models are stunning like the Royal Decapitator and Grand Justice Gormayne who create so much story telling with just their sculpts alone. The Abhorrent Cardinal is no different. Just look at him, you can instantly see he is Ushoran’s clergy, a figurehead for the courts’ belief system. A real twisted version of a religious figurehead. 

He is equal parts awesome to look at as he is a pain in the arse to paint. Those ceremonial robes are layered and over hanging his emaciated frame and that means you have to paint the inside of his robes. I use a white undercoat for the pale skin as well making things doubly complicated. In the end, I decided not to stick him to his base and I pinned his foot to a cork with a straightened paperclip so I could hold him upside down and get the paint brush into the hard to reach areas. 

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