Serving penitence in frozen catacombs, three petty Slaaneshi Heralds who can’t put aside their differences seek the ice-entombed souls for their redemption on the blog today. Put on your scarf and gloves as we take a look at these stunning models and I’ll share my painting guide with you.

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These models were kindly supplied to me by Games Workshop. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Thricefold Discord are a band of Slaaneshi Heralds that all hate each other. They were all individual commanders of their respected armies but through constant bickering, stealing objectives and kills and generally being irrupting to all around they were brought before Syll’Esske. Executing and banishing them would be too nice a punishment, instead something more sadisitic and twisted would be devised. The three Heralds would be forced to work together and their sentence would be held at the Deathgorge, home to a thousand frozen souls and to earn their redemption all they would have to do is recover six hundred and sixty and six souls entombed within the ice (cue evil laughter) Mwahahaha!

From top to bottom: Lascivyr, the Bladed Blessing, Vexmor, the Excessively Indolent and Vashtiss the Coiled.

These sculpts are so great. They truly look like three Herald models, in fact I would argue they look better than the official Tranceweaver/Viceleader Herald of Slaanesh model. They’re so characterful and unique, I’m so happy to add these to my Hedonites of Slaanesh army, it’s growing nicely now.

Here’s my paint recipe card for the Thricefold Discord. I used a Wraithbone Spray undercoat for them.

These models are quite big. They’re way taller than a human, the height of Vexmor is taller than an Ogor. They’re also covered in tiny intricate details like ropes, studs and gems. So you have three large character models covered in details, no wonder they took me so long to paint! I thought I would crank these out in 4 days but they took more like 10 days to finish. Still, they came out great and I’m happy I took my time on them.

The Thricefold Discord are a great small warband that I could add to my Slaanesh collection, but I’m still hoping we get a Heart of Ghur Slaanesh mortals warband for Warcry still. We got the other three chaos gods. It would be great to paint some more Hedonites of Slaanesh.

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