Drybrushes with round, conical brush heads have become a hobby staple since Artis Opus popularised this type of brush a couple of years ago. Now German online shop PK-PRO has launched their own version with their WhiteLine MC1 drybrushes. In this review, we take a closer look at their new brushes.

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PK-PRO White Line MC1 Drybrushes review
These items were kindly provided by PK-PRO. Thoughts and opinions are our own.

At the moment, PK-PRO’s WhiteLine MC1 includes four brushes: sizes M, L, and XL, all made of natural goat hair, as well as a rough toner brush in size M with firmer bristles. There is also a texture palette in the size 24.5 x 19.5 cm.

Also available from PK-PRO are the synthetic OrangeLine brushes, and the innovative GreenLine synthetic brushes, which are said to come very close to natural sable brushes thanks to a specially developed synthetic fibre.

PK-PRO WhiteLine MC1 review

For this review, I was provided with the WhiteLine MC1 in sizes M, L, and XL. With their white handles, they are not only visually reminiscent of Artis Opus Series D brushes, the bristle shape is also identical. PK-Pro WhiteLine MC1 brushes are made of goat hair, and while Artis Opus does not reveal the exact composition of their Series D brushes, I suspect that goat hair is included, as the bristles feel very similar. WhiteLine MC1 bristles are soft, softer than The Army Painter’s Masterclass Drybrush set, but still have enough spring that you can use them for stippling. I feel that synthetic make-up brush-style brushes like Chronicle’s Techlon Tiger Drybrushes have slightly softer bristles in comparison.

Drybrushing with PK-PRO's WhiteLine MC1 Drybrushes
Drybrushing a Genestealer

In use, I noticed the brushes’ high quality. The soft and flexible bristles allow for both soft transitions when drybrushing and enough resistance when stippling. I couldn’t really notice a difference to Artis Opus, and overall I liked the brushes much better than their counterparts from The Army Painter, whose bristles were too brittle and stiff for me. The goat hair was also easy to clean after brushing with brush soap.

PK-PRO White Line MC1 Drybrushes size comparison
Size comparison

While the different sizes from M to XL are well suited for medium to large models, I would have wished for a smaller brush for infantry and small areas.

Next, I would really like to test the texture palette. A texture palette is for removing excess paint. When you prime it, you get even closer to the finish on a real model, and unlike a paper towel, it removes less moisture from the paint for softer, streak-free results.


With prices ranging from 12 euros for size M to 16 euros for size XL, WhiteLine MC1 brushes are a bit cheaper than Artis Opus Series D brushes, but still comparatively expensive. In comparison, the retail price of Chronicle’s Techlon Tiger Drybrushes Set is around 60 euros plus shipping for 12 synthetic brushes.

On the other hand, the natural goat hair of the WhiteLine MC1 offers long durability and does not cause the typical hooking at the tips that is typical of synthetic brushes. And if you currently swear by Artis Opus, the brushes from PK-PRO are a very good alternative that can save you a few euros.

The brushes are currently only available at our partner shop PK-PRO.de. The online shop ships to Germany and Europe and is very well-sorted when it comes to paints, tools and hobby accessories:

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