Merry Christmas everyone! In today’s wintery post the Necrons march onto the blog through wind, rain and snow to flay the wrapping paper from your presents.

In the above pic you can see the Necron Warriors I got from Imperium issues 9 and 10, but also I painted the Munitorum Armoured Container from issue 14. Thanks to Hatchette Partworks for sending them over for me to paint and share.

I decided to split the squad of 10 into the two different weapon types just to make it more interesting to paint. I’ll do the same when we get the next two batches of Necron Warriors with the subscription collection that’ll even out and give me 2 units of ten of each weapon type. Which I can add to the twenty necron warriors I painted when Indomitus was released for a total of 40 Necron Warriors!

The Scarab models are also on the Necron Warrior sprues and you get a total of three scarab bases with these ten Necron Warriors. Added to my Indomitus ones and I now have 9 bases of Scarabs. Awesome.

Here we have all the Necrons from the Imperium Partworks Subscription so far. It’s a pretty cool impressive little force that has grown without any real effort at all. Just a small unit or model to paint each month in-between all my other projects. I can’t wait for the Flayed Ones. I already have 5 Flayed Ones from the Pariah Nexus Killteam boxset so a unit of ten in total would be super sweet.

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If you liked my wintery picture at the beginning of this post you might be interested to know I’m also posting “B sides” of alternative sets ups on twitter. I also like to share behind the scenes shots, like the one above of me hoovering up all the Bi Carbonite of Soda.

If you like my paint scheme for my Necrons here’s my detailed step by step guide on how I painted them and if you’re way ahead than me and working on next month’s models below you can find a guide for the Flayed Ones.

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