Today is a special day because after 12 years of Tale of Painters, we finally got a mascot: Topsy, the skull-shaped painting thrall. Topsy will not only accompany us in our future blogging endeavours but is also the star of our very first merchandise collection. Find out more in this post.

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Tale of Painters first merch drop with a dark grey t-shirt featuring Topsy
Topsy, our new mascot

The idea of having a mascot has been around for several years, but good things take time. The initial concepts and sketches by Stahly were developed by a freelance illustrator and refined with feedback from Garfy, who also came up with Topsy’s name. The result is a true collaborative effort.

Our first merch collection

If you find Topsy as cool as we do, you can grab a shirt or hoodie from our brand-new merchandise shop. There are also canvas prints, pennants, and stickers, along with other designs, all personally created by Stahly. Your purchase is a great way to support Tale of Painters and our content. Primarily, though, we just had fun creating some radical shirts!

And since it’s also Black Friday, there’s a 15% discount as an introductory offer until the end of Sunday, November 26th! Use code BLFRIDAY during checkout. By the way, as a Patreon member, you get a permanent 10% discount on our merch, as well as many discounts at our other partner shops, such as Garfy’s super practical Get a Grip painting handles.

Our merchandise is produced by Spring on a print-on-demand basis. We prioritized high print quality with our partner, and thanks to global production locations, transportation routes are kept short, and you usually don’t have to pay import duties.

We hope you like Topsy and our first shirts and products. If the designs are well-received, there will definitely be new motifs and products soon. If you have feedback or ideas for our merchandise, feel free to write them in the comments below or discuss them with us on our hobby Discord server.